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Everything you should know about same day personal usecured loans in OH, US


We cherish the reputation of a safe, reliable payday loans provider, and we are proud to admit our customers love what we do. We receive plenty of feedback emails – all of them are published at our testimonials page, so mentioned below are the reviews of real customers we’ve received during the last month.


Pete GustaffsonPete Gustaffson, 49 years old, Dayton

I’ve been searching for cash loans in Dayton for a week or so, and be sure I’ve spent plenty of time to make a weighed, informed decision. I’ve been looking through dozens of reviews, statistics and legal documents and the efforts were worthy of time – the choice in favor of was absolutely reasonable. I’ve managed to get a loan with the minimum repayment rate in just 3 days. The entire amount was loaded to my credit card, in strict accordance with the contract. I highly recommend this platform.


Maria HooksMaria Hooks, 19 years old, Columbus

Well I realized that I needed cash for iphone in Columbus when I smashed my 4s – 3 weeks before my next payday. Well, I cannot imagine my life without smartphone and there was a nice deal I couldn’t ignore. So I’ve decided to borrow some cash until my next payday and helped me out. Simply stunning experience all around, thanks!


Tamika MylesTamika Myles, 54 years old, Akron

If you are looking for a short term loan in Akron drop in at and make your best choice. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about sky-high interest rates and handcuffing contracts, but I’ve never had ANY problems with these guys. I’ve been borrowing money from them twice, and both times it was a pleasure to deal with them. This is your best way to resolve your temporary financial problems for sure.


Tobias GrantTobias Grant, 20 years old, Ogden

I’ve never even thought I’m going to consider cash loans in Toledo. But when my friends have asked whether I’m going with them on an exciting 2 week car journey I had no other option but to get some money as I was running low on cash. In the end, I’ve managed to repay the full amount in 30 days with no extra charges. Thanks!


Tommy BirminghamTommy Birmingham, 19 years old, Cleveland

It seems like getting money to fix your problems is tough if you are on wages. So I’ve tried a long range of options on cash advance in Cleveland, but the only platform that has approved my application out was I’m grateful to these guys, you can count on them if you are in need of quick money.


Roger WilliamsRoger Williams, 40 years old, Taylorsville

An instant loan in Cincinnati was the only option that I had when my car went out of order, 2 weeks before my next payday. So I had to leave the city in the nearest week and I decided to get some quick cash and get back on track asap. Fortunately, was there to assist me. Thanks!

Patricia PeavyPatricia Peavy, 49 years old, Sandy

I needed to borrow $500 in Youngstown as my aunt I haven’t seen for ages was coming… and we’ve just finished renovating our kitchen, running tight on money. So I’ve managed to borrow $500 quite quickly at A trouble-free process and second to none customer service – this is how they stand out from the crowd.